Monday, January 30, 2012

1979: There are no words

No words, because this song is an instrumental.

It was only in the last year or so that I realised what it was after it turned up on a US compliation: Music Box Dancer by Frank Mills, a US Top Ten hit in 1979. It wasn't a hit here, but it's a tune we all know. Was it used in a TV series or something? Whatever, it always makes me feel rather emotional and I'm not sure why.

It's the kind of feeling I get when I think of ads for Atora suet, my grandma's living room, overcast autumn days in the 1970s. afternoon ITV from the same period, the song from the Gales honey ad that I haven't been able to find anywhere (think about the flowers, think about the trees, it goes) and One Man And His Dog.

A sort of rosy glow for times past that will never come again. A biting nostalgia for the times i think I felt most warm and secure. I'm welling up just thinking of this song. Indulge me.


  1. I'm no football fan, but enjoyed some of it around this era (mostly the Admiral outfits) - I believe this tune may have been related to World Cup 78 in some way.

    On the the theme of nostalgia ad's see also 'give 'em a lift with Cookeen' and the father and son chugging home through the post-footie rain and given Batchelors soup by mum

  2. Oh God, I used to have this album. I loved the song when I was young (very young!) and my Grandma bought it for me. She probably also hoped that it would help turn me into a fan of the likes of Richard Clayderman rather than the 'noise' that I would go on to prefer. Yes, brings back cosy memories of Grandparents living rooms...

  3. There is something very melancholy about it, you're right. Whereas the 'Gales, Gales, Gales, pass the honey please' still feels benign. I'm neutral on ''re getting warmer (what makes a poly a whole lot rollier to eat?)'. But then suet is disgusting.

    That tune certainly embodies the late Seventies. I'm sure the sun never actually rose properly from 1977- 1980. It just always seemed to be getting dark.

  4. Well done, ISBW. You know exactly the ads I'm talking about.

    And Cocktails, is there anything wrong with Richard Clayderman? (Actually, yes, there is).

  5. Music Box Dancer - used as the theme for "Around With Allis". Growing up in a family with golfing mad grandfather, father & uncles, we were subjected to watching this programme. Also watched Ski Sunday for some reason (no-one in the family had ever been ski-ing).
    Evocative theme songs: Around With Allis, Ski Sunday and Test Match Cricket