Wednesday, October 10, 2012

1983: While everyone sleeps

The alarm would go off about 6.45am. I'd drag myself over to the stereo, pop the button and slink back into bed. Then I'd doze fitfully as the songs of the day entered my brain by osmosis. My room mate was very good about it. Not as much of a music fan as me he was happy to be steered, and though there was initial resistance to the Radio 1 Breakfast Show going on at the crack of dawn, I wore him down.

There was nothing I liked more, drfiting back into a snooze but never missing a thing, knowing that I didn't have to get up for a least half an hour. The songs and chit chat would wash over me, enveloping me in a cosy comfort blanket of hits until it was time to face the day proper.

Every so often, however, a song that was new to me would come on and I'd have to shake myself awake to cry and catch what it was before the opportunity was gone. No looking at playlists on the internet back then. Today, the song that was perhaps the oddest, most amazing thing I'd heard to date was The Lovecats by The Cure.

Hold on a second. The Cure? Are you sure? Aren't they all gothy and moody? Could they really be behind this upbeat slice of Parisian, images of Disney's The Aristocats-conjuring, jazzy, surrealist, hysterical pop with the catchiest chorus of year? Indeed they were. Gosh.

It embedded itself in my brain at once and stayed there. Forever. There are only a handful of songs they have ever done this to me, though only three immediately spring to mind: A Winter's Tale by David Essex (not so keen nowadays), Ramblin' Man by Lemon Jelly (drink in the unconfined joy) and I Feel Like Buddy Holly by Alvin Stardust (I'm welling up just thinking about it).

I went off The Lovecats after about 10 years, mainly because I'd listened to it endlessly, and though it's been knocking about a bit since I've not paid it much attention. The other day it came on in the car and it sounded great. Funny how different songs from that era sound now everything's on FM. You missed so much on medium wave.

Still, this song reminds me of one the greatest periods of my life, when I was having an awful lot of fun and music was all that mattered. I must never forget. This song is back.


  1. I've always managed. It's a wild abandon thing. Not doing much of that these days, obviously.