Thursday, February 21, 2013

1982: I'll shop around

Remember all the fuss this cover caused? Even before this single was released Anabella Lwin (where is she now?) was causing a stir, mainly whipped up by Malcolm McLaren of course, master of publicity. It worked.

Bow Wow Wow were on my radar before this was released but I'd never really heard much of their oeuvre. Like the nation I was seduced by the whole sex kitten with tribal drums thing and explored further.

But it was only the other day when I realised I didn't have Sexy Eiffel Towers in my itunes library did I then come across other forgotten gems like the hit that never was Do You Wanna Hold Me and the rather lovely Man Mountain (both hits in the taste-making Netherlands). But there's only so far you can go with such a strong and striking image - just ask Adam Ant - and how soon we fell out of love with them. By the autumn of 1982 it was all over as no one was prepared to take them seriously after I Want Candy.

I'm fond of this novelty though with it's garish high street imagery and talk of bake n' takes (or is it bacon steaks? I've never been sure). But have you ever tried dancing to it? I remember it being played in - say it - discos and it never failed to clear the dancefloor. It reminds me of cycling to sixth form in the morning, stopping off at Sperring's the newsagent and steeling myself to buy fags. Do I look old enough? What will I pick this week? Park Drive? Kent? And look the new Smash Hits is out, and if we're lucky New Sounds, New Styles and that other one that once had a revealing article about masturbation flagged on its cover which I had to hide from my aunt.

All that and Anabella. Oh those salad days.


  1. I have a very vivid memory of a dancefloor packed with male punks, throwing each other around in a vaguely homoerotic way to this. If the girls were dancing, it was a much more stylised affair, involving lots of shuffling across the floor on your heels with your skirt bunched up around your thighs. And you could hop a bit on the off-beat. We looked great, honestly we did.

  2. You and I clearly went to very different discos, KK.