Thursday, September 29, 2011

1980: And now we've made a rainbow

Just quickly, whenever I hear this it reminds me of sitting downstairs waiting for mum to get ready to take me to the dentist. It was on the radio and I and millions of other had fallen for its charms. It was that strange hour when you were home in the morning and school had already started. It felt guilty and wonderful at the same time. Well it would have done had I not been going where I was going. Outside, it was absolutely pissing down.

I hated the dentist then - fine about it now - and dreaded going to the surgery. But lo, we had lots ot talk about on the way home as the dentist had had his ear pierced. Clearly having a mid-life crisis - he must have been at least 45 - this revelation was the hot topic all the way to school.

Mind you, the day dad arrived back from town in head-to-toe denim was food for thought indeed. And let's not even mention the shark's tooth necklace...


  1. She was quite a mature lady, wasn't she? I remember her as being much younger. Mind you, I remember myself the same way.

  2. My God, I haven't heard that in years. I had completely and utterly forgotten how good it was.

    Also very impressed that you went on the Harry Potter ride. I'm a fan, but my low tolerance level for other people suggests that in reality, its just not going to happen. I'm glad you lived the dream for me.

  3. Cocktails! What an absolute treat. Where have you been all these months?

  4. I wish I had an interesting response to that but, after a 'difficult' beginning of the year I've just been plain old busy, unmotivated and distracted.

    And for some reason my other computer did not like commenting on your blog, but my swish new laptop does. Hooray!