Friday, September 2, 2011

1984: They put me in a special hospital

This song was the bane of my life for at least 10 years. It drove me mad. When it was a hit I heard it about a hundred times a day. Even teachers did it.

Occasionally I hear it even now. People still think it's hilarious to say this to me in that barking way that Alexei Sayle employs in the song.

If you meet me, never do this.


  1. Oh, this one wore thin very, VERY quickly. Even if your name wasn't Jon.

  2. You could respond 'ha ha ha ha ha ha ha' also as in the record, though I detect you're way past that stage by now. More on to the Kray brothers stage.

    The funniest hour of live comedy I've ever had fired at me, was by Our 'Lexei. If we ever meet, remember mine's a light and bitter.

  3. Isn't the B-side meant to be a bit fruity? Never really got Alexi Sayle back then. Isn't it ironic that some of Alternative Comedy's earliest exposure was on Chris Tarrant's OTT.