Friday, April 13, 2012

1983: Drove you from my mind

Do you remember when they used to to that segment in TOTP, usually presented by Jonathan King of course, where they'd show you what was big on the continent?

It was always an eye-opener, but things rarely appealed. If anything crossed over it would be words by FR David or something ghastly like that, which I'm sure featured in that slot. I never rushed out to buy a thing.

But before this post turns into a copy of the Joe Le Taxi one, I do remember liking this song very much. I thought it was rather... unusual. It bothered the lower reaches of the charts but never made the Top 40 and I'd forgotten all about it until last week when I was browsing the excellent Chartstats website to have a look at all those songs I used to read about but never heard and try and give some of them a go via itunes. And I stumbled across this. Louise Tucker is huge - or was huge - in France. I've never heard anything else by her,.

When this video grows up it wants to be Total Eclipse Of The Heart. I had no idea a man was involved. I thought it was all Lou's own work. It's quite odd still, and reminiscent of something else (Chariots of Fire with words? Something classical - I really wouldn't know) but I can't quite put my finger on. But give it a listen, and I guarantee you'll be singing it all day. Don't say I haven't warned you. It's driving me crazy at the moment.


  1. For a minute I thought you'd been listening to Q The 80s (new blog for that as this song was the entry to The Nobody's Diary the week before last. Interesting and experimental, and when it comes to getting mezzo sopranos into the pop charts, far more preferable than Pie Jesu.

  2. I've never heard this before, ever! How odd that it passed me by. The French did like a crazy overblown video back then, didn't they? If you want to see another, try Mylene Farmer's 'Disenchantée' on YouTube. It must have cost an absolute fortune (this one here feels like it was done on the cheap, a bit).

  3. I just figured out that the island on that cover is a lady's face. How VERY 80s.