Tuesday, April 3, 2012

1983: How everything will be in the end

Shall I tell you about the really boring Easter I had in 1983?

You know what, it probably won't, as it's really dull.

Okay, in brief: parents came home to sort out stuff in the house, it was overcast the whole time and all I remember doing is visiting somewhere grim like Camberley and buying this record in the bargain bin. I don't think I've even played it since. Funny, because I find Story Of The Blues by Wah! rather depressing too, with its hollow, empty, icy feel.

The whole of Easter '83 makes me sigh deeply.

Oh, and Sons & Daughters seemed to be on ALL the time.

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  1. I never 'got' Wah! at all. Their stuff always sounded like it had been written in some grim, desperate desire to 'create a GREAT pop song', thereby ensuring that an overblown mess ensued.