Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Various: Memory Lane Round-up No. 1

Rather than spin a blog entry out of It Started With A Kiss reminding me of being driven along the Romsey Road, I thought I'd do a quick round-up of songs that when I think of them a particular image or moment flashes into my mind, but would be far too dull to elaborate on.

So here we go:

1979: One Day At A Time by Lena Martell
My granny hearing it on the radio and saying, 'well that's what I have to do. Take everything one day at a time'. She lived for 25 more years which was all down to taking Lena's advice.

1982: House Of Fun by Madness
Popping into a furniture shop in Guildford on our way home.

2000: American Pie by Madonna
The number 77 bus.

1982: Senses Working Overtime by XTC 
Oxfam, Winchester one Saturday morning, hoping against hope to find some groovy vintage - or in those days second hand - clothes.

1971: Rose Garden by Lynn Anderson
Knocking over my grandma's sundail. She should worry - students nicked it in 1977.

1986: Sancitfy Yourself by Simple Minds
Falling down an escalator in Tyrrell & Green, a branch of the John Lewis Partnership.

1985: Friends by Amii Stewart
Findus Crispy Pancakes, Batchelor's Cup-A-Soup and Golden Wonder sausage & onion crisps for dipping.

1974: Kung-Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas
The school bus to swimming.

1983: Twisting By The Pool by Dire Straits
Being locked out of my room, but it didn't matter, it was a sunny evening.

1983: Christian by China Crisis
Du Maurier cigarettes. All the rage in the smoking room.

1987: Magic Smile by Rosie Vela
Lying with my cheek against the deep pile clay-coloured carpet in my student bedroom and finding it most relaxing.

1990: This Is How It Feels by Inspiral Carpets
Watching Top Of The Pops and waiting for my friend to come over.

1981: Dancing On The Floor by Third World
My very first time in Bahrain, me and Dad driving up the empty highway with this on the car radio.

That's enough for now.

See, told you it was boring. But that covers them off. Feel free not to comment.


  1. Oh this is very teasing. I like your vignettes and snapshots to contain a pertinent point or two, as if you are a modern day Len Deighton giving us a short view into the life of a Harry Palmer character [insert own Michael Caine voiceover narration here]. Will flattery get anywhere?

    As a for instance - you popped into a Guildford furniture shop....and...

    And what? - you looked round and came out; the shop assistants were incredibly rude; one followed you around in case you shoplifted a sofa or two; you bought something in orange Dralon; you sat on a tiger rug and left an apple core in it's mouth; shortly after you left, the store caught fire and 15 people were killed (10 of whom you did not care for); they played Showaddywaddy singing 'Under The Moon of Love' on repeat; you saw Bob Monkhouse in there, though he was not in the mood for autographs.


  2. If only it were that interesting, OP.

    Get ready for part 2. Coming soon.

  3. I like these of my own that just sprang unbidden to mind is 'Oh Superman by Laurie Anderson...sitting in the steamy kitchen on a stool and watching a pan of potatoes boil over on the hob'.

    Where the hell did that come from??